BVL Exports Pvt Ltd, a Business unit of BVL GROUP, ranks among india’s largest tobacco exporting company, with consolidated net revenues of 125 million USD.

In tobacco, BVL Exports along with its subsidiaries, has a storage space of 2.5 million Sqft and capacity around 80 million tons. One of the largest of its kind in the tobacco sector and it is one of the largest supplier to ITC Ltd.

About Tobacco
Tobacco is an important commercial crop grown in the country. It occupies third position in the world with a production of about 680 Million Kgs. Of different types grown, flue-cured tobacco, country tobacco, burley, bidi, rustica and chewing tobacco are important. India, as an exporter of tobacco, ranks sixth in the world next to Brazil, China, USA, Malawi and Italy.

Tobacco and tobacco products earn a whopping sum of about Rs.7319 Crores to the national exchequer in terms of excise revenue and foreign exchange of Rs.1362 Crores (2004-05). Furthermore, tobacco provides gainful employment to several lakhs of people who thrive on this weed crop.

Flue-cured growth, with a production of about 240 million Kgs, is the singular type which contributes huge amount of forex and excise earnings. More or less, 50% of the FCV tobacco produced is consumed domestically while the rest is exported to more than 100 countries across the globe. Other tobacco types viz., Burley, Country tobacco, Chewing tobaccos (Lal chopadia, Judi and Rustica) are also exported where as bidi tobacco - a poor man's smoke - is consumed within the country.

Flue-cured Virginia tobacco is the principal type grown in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka under varied agro-climatic conditions. It is grown in the light soils of Karnataka as rain fed crop and in the heavy soils of Andhra Pradesh under conserved moisture in the aftermath of Southwest monsoon rains. The crop is grown under irrigated conditions in the Northern Light Soils (NLS) of Andhra Pradesh and Eastern Light Soils (ELS) of Orissa and as a semi-monsoon crop in Southern Light Soils (SLS) of Andhra Pradesh. Thus, India is endowed with a vast potential to produce different styles of tobacco so as to cater to interests of the discerning customers.

source: Tobacco Board India

Our Processing plants and warehouses are surrounded by SLS (southern light soil) and SBS (southern black soil) regions of tobacco production, with an annual output of 150 million kgs, which is likely to go up to 180 million kgs in the coming years.

Proximity to Chennai and Krishnapatnam sea ports, new airport coming up in Ongole, Railways and national highway – saves transportation time.

Proximity to auction platforms, tobacco fields, abundant and lower labour rates.

As compared to near by areas there is a cost saving of 10-15 cents per kg.
BVL head office is in close proximity to all its facilities and constant monitoring by efficient people provides quick decisions resulting in saving of time and money.

The plants are located in close proximity to Ongole – the head quarters of Prakasham District and along with national highway amidst tobacco growing.

We are determined to make BVL one of the valuable brands in the country and thereby stand example to the core values of the company – commitment and care.